August 2, 2009

Rejection Sucks

I was applying to some programs for a couple of the sites I am working on and was anxiously waiting for their responses. I got rejected flatly across the board. Most retailers didn't give me the reasons why they had denied me. Most of the rejections were canned responses but one of them gave me this:
* Your site is in a category that the advertiser does not want be associated with
* There is inappropriate material on your site
What is the site's category? Islam.
What is the inappropriate material? Hijabs.

I am not sure if I should laugh or cry. Seriously? Before I bash them, I will contact them to see if it was a mistake. I mean how could all deny me at once? Something is fishy. Very, very fishy.


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Yasemin said...

Oh my gosh, that is so upsetting! I am really sorry habibty and you deserve better. I think part of it IS the economy, you know retail has taken some really BIG hits this year and they aren't hiring. But, this is also racism as well, and i'm glad that you are exposing them. I wonder if you can market things to an Islamic site.

Kow that when I worked at both The Gap and Victoria's Secret prior to Islam, hijab and niqaab were forbidden from being worn on the sales floor. Abolutely forbidden. I found it to be a sad situation especially when a girl walked in looking for a job at Christmas time and was turned away due to hijab. Love you so very much and sorry about this!