August 23, 2009

Ramadan Day 1

As Salaamu Aalaykum and Ramadan MUBARAK to everyone!

Alhamdulillah I am almost on track with my biz, so I am happy.  I am actually on my second day today but will like to talk about yesterday.

Yesterday my little dude turned 10 months old! Alhamdulillah.  I am fasting now with the same game plan as I did when I was pregnant. I eat @ maghrib time to break the fast something light.  2-3 hours later I eat a meal, 3 hours after that I eat a large bowl of oatmeal in milk with 2 tablespoons of honey to sweeten it.  2-3 hours after that I eat suhoor a complete meal with something to drink.  In between all of that I hydrate and eat veggies or fruits.  My midwives actually wanted me to keep a food journal so that when I had a office visit they wanted to see what I was eating and if I was missing something.  I am thinking of doing that this time as well but instead of boring you guys on this blog I will post it on my private blog.

So back to my first day, it consisted of me praying my isha, sunan, tarawih and witr.  I ate the large bowl of oatmeal @ 2AM and went to sleep. My mother in law woke me up at 4:30 am to eat suhur and I had enough time for tahajjud.  I prayed my sunah and fajr @ 5:00and went to sleep. Woke up intermittently during the morning but was too sleepy and  woke up a final time @ 1PM and was upset I had missed my chance at Ishrak and Duha. After maybe an hour or two after praying Dhuhr's sunan and nawfil, I started feeling hungry. I started clearing up the mess my little guy had made and ended up rearraging my bedroom furniture for some reason. Since I was so busy I forgot I was hungry and then I prayed Asr as it was time for it.  Maghrib came @ 7:46 PM and I broke fast with a date and followed it with a salad of thinly diced tomatoes and onions, 1 kebab and white rice.  I started hydrating and went on to pray maghrib.  So all in all it wasn't as bad as I expected. My expectations were that I would spend most of the day laying down with a huge headache and pain like no other. Alhamdulillah it wasn't like that.  My little guy nursed as normal no big deal for him although he was super active as if my milk was laced with heavy caffeine or something.  Ah, to be young again :)

For those interested in my pregnancy fast you can read more below. enjoy :)

When I was pregnant with my little dude my midwives and I made an agreement that I would be allowed to fast only if I take a blood test before the fast and again in the middle of the fast and if anything vital drops, I loose any weight or any complications arise, I would have to quit fasting.  This was very important since I planned to birth at home and if I drop below their requirements they would still attend the birth but it would be at the hospital instead.

The first 3 days were absolutely HORRIBLE! Actually horrible is an understatement, I spent my days weak, with a headache, nausea (alhmadulillah I didn't vomit) and every other ailments a pregnant woman goes through but magnified. On the fourth day things turned around for me and I got a hold of it I breezed right through the whole month.  When it was time to take my vitals again I was A LOT healthier than when I started the fast and had even improved so I was allowed to continue the fast.  What changed for me was that before the fast I would eat whatever I wanted whenever I wanted and was not eating as healthy as I should have.

Once I started fasting I had to strategically plan ALL my meals so that I wouldn't suffer during the day, I made sure I had healthy food and lots of watermelons for some reason (my little one was a watermelon lover).  My non Muslim midwives were actually surprised at the results but they told me it made sense to them as most pregnant women do not experience as much discomfort as fasting brings, so when they are exposed to it is right when they are giving birth.  Anyway I am just sharing this tidbit because it's my blog and I talk about my life. I do not suggest every pregnant or nursing mother go out and fasts without a proper plan and their doctor/midwife on board.

Aftermath of  Ramadan '08.
My son was born at home a month after Ramadan full term. He weighed 7lbs 2 oz, measured 22 inches and looked healthy and happy.  My labor from the first contraction until he was born was a total of 8 hours.  It wasn't as bad as I expected although it was still painful. The horrible nausea and dizziness I experienced while fasting definitely prepared me to handle discomforts that were out of my control. So I am grateful for the experience.

 DISCLAIMER: I am not a medical doctor and I am not suggesting every pregnant or nursing mother goes out to fast Ramadan without a plan and their doctors/midwives on board. I was greatful to have been able to and I enjoyed my Ramadan very much. Hoping this one is even better. 

wa salaam


Hijabee said...

Thanks for sharing your experience fasting while pregnant. I'm 32 weeks pregnant now and fasting, though everyone is discouraging me from it from the doctors to my husband, my mom,... you name it! Im glad to see that it worked out for you and you had a healthy baby at the end of your pregnancy!

Zee said...

Great MashAllah! What a coincidence I too fasted while pregnant with my son. But I had to go for a C-section due to his big head..LOL. He was 10lbs+ at birth which made my gynaec jump on pins and needles. I am nursing him now and fasting too. Tomorrow he will turn 4 months old InshAllah. And Alhamdolillah it has been great till now:)

.::Tuttie::. said...

@Hijabee May Allah swt make your fast easy and bless you with a healthy pregnancy, easy, painless delivery and children from amongst the righteous. ameen

@ zee MashaAllah. My little man turned 20 months on the 22nd. They grow up so fast. *tear

AlabasterMuslim said...

I plan for a home pregnancy too when I find out i'm pregnant. They are the BEST! I'm glad that the fasting and be pregnant worked out for you! I'm the kind of person to worry that it would some how hurt my baby but i understand why you did it.

the mrs. said...

hi tuttie :) i found your blog recently and just love the content. your marriage interviews were hillarious and your love story with your husband was so cute mashallah :) my son's about to be 7mo now and i fasted while pregnant and nursing him now alhamdullah. i think a lot of people loose their supply bc they aren't eating the correct things and drinking enough water. like you said it's about the QUALITY of the foods. im sorry but a bowl of cereal/waffles/pancakes just isn't going to cut it for suhoor if you are nursing or preggo jmo! i have protein in the morning with LOTS of water. i break my fast with more water and whatever i have prepared for my family. i little later i will usually have fruit and maybe a little more leftovers. im not always that hungry, but it's important for me to continue fasting and also keep my supply up for my son.