August 8, 2009

Please Add Warnings to Graphic Posts

I was discovering new blogs today and came across a couple of them who have taken upon themselves to bring attention to the issue of violence against the defenseless, mainly women and children as well as domestic violence in general. I applaud their efforts and I appreciate their work.

However, I think that if you are going to talk about such topics that you should include a warning in your posts. You can even use the warning sign on the right that I generated free of charge (if you decide to mention me that would totally make my day but it is not necessary).

I previously mentioned on this blog that I was raped as a child from the ages of 4-7 on a daily basis. I also survived some heavy duty abuse from my mother and other stuff. I would like to remind sisters (and anyone who is brave enough to discuss violence) that there are people out there who can't stomach these kinds of posts. I don't mean the people who bury their heads in the sand and decide that these kinds of abuses don't occur but the people who have survived such abuses.

There was a time when just reading about abuse would send me in to small panic attacks which usually led to flashbacks which prompted full on panic attacks which escalated in to stronger, violent, very graphic flashbacks. It was a very sad cycle. I greatly appreciated when the author gave me heads up and I could decide if I was strong enough to read it or if avoiding it would be best. Images also speak volumes. Adding graphic images or seeing movies where there was violence against women and children would lead me in to depression and a similar reaction like the one described above usually more severe.

So PLEASE add warnings. People are in different stages of their healing process and sometimes your well meaning post might send them back in their recovery instead of helping them. Knowing that there are people out there who cared enough to write about this topic makes me happy and during my recovery it helped me feel that I wasn't alone and that people did care. So I am not bashing your work, I applaud it but please add a warning.


muslimah said...

i realy agree in this post, I had a time not getting panic attacks (except fo the tutorial child pornography episode on Oprah, i almost died) But i would kinda torture myself a bit by reading about abuse. As if it was my duty to feel with every child ever getting hurt! subhanAllah!
you sound so mature and wise about it now. alhamdulillah.
May allah remove all your pain ameen

Stephanie said...

Salam Alaikum--I'm so sorry if my post upset you dear sister. I never thought about it upsetting someone who had experienced abuse themselves. Please forgive me and thank you for sharing your story and bringing this to my attention.