August 11, 2009

PART I: Soy Musulmana Conversion/Reversion

My Conversion/ Reversion Story

I was in El Salvador (my birth place) 5 years old and in kindergarten. You may be surprised to know that El Salvador has a large Christian Palestinian population and we even have some Muslims as well since there are masajid sprinkled there. SubhanaAllah. Anyway, in kindergarten I must have been hot stuff because the girls would give me their snacks (without asking), the boys would bring me gifts (again, without asking for them) and I was the teacher's pet (without trying). I was as cute as a little button.

This Arab boy with a hat (I now know it's called a kufi) used to bring me flowers and speak to me in a very thick Spanish. I actually still remember him. He had a beautiful olive complexion with dark eyes and dark hair, I know standard Arab look but you have to understand, we Salvadorans are pretty light so he stood out from the crowd. All the other girls thought he was just SOOOO cute. Oh, did I mention his family was loaded? and cute?

Any ways I was actually confused about him for a while because his mother was covered and my school was run by nuns and I though she was one cool nun. I mean her habit was just so colorful and different and it matched her skirts, purses and she just looked glamorous. For a while I was convinced she was a nun and possibly a loose one since she had a kid and we ALL know nuns don't do it. ;) Naughty nun.

That was my first brush with Islam.

Side Note: when I was trying to get married this Spanish convert when on and on about how Arab men are taking the Latinas away and I chuckled at the memory of this fine, assertive, 5 year old Arab. That convert brother had no chance, as a Palestininan had already macked it to me in kindergarten. I wonder, whatever happened to him? (the Arab I mean)

This is a map of El Salvador
(it takes about 3hrs to get from one corner to the other)

One of our many volcanoes
(to be continued...)

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