August 26, 2009

Let's help out Coolred!

READ ABOUT IT HERE:Coolred's Rant: It's Over People....the Fat Lady Has Sung. About Freakin' Time

Both my husband and I are currently unemployed and living with my in laws so my resources are very limited. It doesn't need to be much may $5 at a time might do it. So are you in?

Average cost of tickets is Bd400 x 4 = Bd1600 which is approximately $4500.

You can also make dua. There are more than just one way to help.


coolred38 said...

Thank you Tutti for the well wishes and heads up to others. I hope your circumstances change for the better soon as well. Ramadan Mubarak

.::Tuttie::. said...

ramadan mubarak to you too! I am keeping you in my duas.