August 30, 2009

I Heart the Fuzzy Man ;-P aka Nightcrawler

I am a HUGE fan of X-Men. I hadn't seen them in a while but right before Ramadan I started watching again, bad me. So I have a couple of favorite characters but right now am feeling the fuzzy man aka n=Nightcrawler, I just want to cuddle him.

When I was younger I used to sketch superheroes that would save the day (mainly mine). Nearly all of my buff superheroes had a resemblance to the Gargoyles. I LOVED their feet and hands for some reason so no matter the super hero they had those features. I think maybe that is the reason I like Nightcrawler so much. I also like his mother Mystique although in a different depiction of her.

even though Demona was evil I liked her the best.

Elisa on the right I liked because she looked a little Spanish and Goliath ONLY because he was the main character but I hated his uni-man-boob going on. David Xanatos the second dude from the left I had a small crush on until he turned evil.

I am thinking of starting to sketch again. I used to love it and the fuzzy man reignited my love for all things blueish with pointy ears and clawed feet.

What kind of cartoons/comics were you into as a kid?

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Kiddy said...

Then you would like me Tuttie,I kind of resemble Nightcrawler,what with the tiny body and big hands and feet.

Muslimah that reminds me of John Boy and he reminded me of my ex a little,he had the birthmark on his cheek like him,until he ha it surgically removed that is.He and his family used to say good-night to each other from their beds every single night,they lived together so happily and loved each other so much, in the Waltons family.That's funny telling tinkerbell and peter pan good night.