August 20, 2009

I am taking a small break

As salaamu Aalaykum,

I have to stop blogging for a little bit (maybe a week or two but, most likely less) it has become my addiction and my businesses are suffering. My forum in parenting has not had any new posts and is basically dying, my eCards sites is not stocked yet with cards for Ramadan and someone kicked my butt by launching their ramadan cards on facebook (mashaAllah, i don't want to give them the evil eye as it was my fault for not being on top of things).  My hijabswappers is not looking to good as few people seem interested.  My other discount and savings site is suffering as I am not following up with the Muslim vendors.

September 1st is my deadline for hijabswappers and October 1st for Frugal Muslim.  They are fast approaching and I am on my blog.

So all in all I need to take a breather before all my efforts from the past year and a half go to waste because I am blogging.  I LOVE BLOGGING.  I will be back! InshaAllah. please make dua for me and my endevours!

wa salaam


Zee said...

May Allah SWT be with you always and ensure you success in all your endeavours..Ameen:)

Queen said...

you will be missed

Mina said...

May Allah ease everything for you sis, your in my duaa's...Ramadan kareem sis

Freckle said...

Sorry you're going when I only just got here!!
Loved the thing you wrote about your husband in the "About Me" section -you really are lucky, thanks to God.
-and I read the other part you said to look at and I want to send you an eHug too.

Best of luck with your businesses. Hope you're back soon!