August 1, 2009

Honesty is my Policy (most of the time)

"The Rules: To do the Honest Scrap tag, here’s the deal. Tell your readers 10 things about you that they may or may not know, but are true.Tag ten people with the award, and be sure to let them know they’ve been tagged (a quick comment on their blog will do). Don’t forget to link back to the blogger who tagged you."
I got tagged by Ange and before that by VeiledSunset♥ and here is the previous post on 10 things

10 New Things About Me
  1. I have a thing for scholars. Islamic scholars. I think they are SOOO sexy with all that knowledge up in there and the more practicing they are the bigger my crush. I can't help it. Before I was married during a khutbah or seminar I HAD to fix my eyes on something else otherwise I fantasized. If there was a divider my imagination would go nuts with what does he look like? o mashaAllah! Is he married? oh, who cares he has 3 other slots. SubhanaAllah they are soo sexy. AND that is why I married a student of knowledge. (just writing that got me going...where is hubster?)
  2. I have a thing for men with awesome Quranic recitation and who have memorized Qur'an. Again soo sexy. (hubster has beautiful recitation, alhamdulillah). When the scholars say we should get excited about Qur'an this is probably not what they meant.
  3. I have a thing for men who give awesome adhan (call to prayer). AGAIN I make hubster give the adhan and before we had our little one, it would result in multiple ghusls before prayer. I can't help it. Since being married other men don't affect me cuz I gots the hubster so I am immune :p alhamdulillah. Otherwise I would be in trouble. So I guess the conclusion is I find Islam sexy. Oh Allah swt please forgive me, I don't mean to be disrespectful.
  4. I LOOVE colors but end up in black hijab, black niqab, black jilbab/skirt/sweats and black shoes (with the occasional white or mismatched socks to spice things up).
  5. I used to be able to do sets of 30 pull ups, multiple sit ups, I could run for ages. I was in top shape mashaAllah, alhamdulillah. Now I have a gut and I am lazy.
  6. Before I was Muslim my dream school was the United States Military Academy at West Point.
  7. I used to shout Go ARMY! Sink Navy! when West Point would play Annapolis (the Naval Academy) aka our nemesis in football. I still think Navy people are pussies, but that's just me.
  8. In high school I HATED to be hugged. After all the abuse I endure I absolutely hated to be touched and or hugged. My counselor and AP Spanish professor took it upon herself to break me in. It was a funny sight, me running through packed high school hallways screaming (every morning), "don't touch me! please don't touch me!" with a crazy woman chasing behind me, "who needs a hug? Stop running!" and when she would catch up or some body would hold me for her she would hug me. It didn't matter who was looking. She would just do it. It was embarrassing to say the least. She did break me down. After 6 months of that spectacle I would just go to her office so she could hug me, be done with it and I could be on my way. I am now a cuddle bug.
  9. I still love cartoons and kid movies. One of my favorites is The Emperors New Groove (David Spade is in it!)
  10. I pick my nose under the niqab, I know, very classy. :P
I still don't know who to tag as Ange took care of that...I shall think and start tagging later. inshaAllah.


Ange said...

so basically you have a thing for men...

Hijabee said...

Lol about the sexy Islam thing

ZORRO said...

WOW!!! ..spoken like a true 'Latina'!!! LOL!!! ..I also married a 'scholar'... and I understand PERFECTLY what you are saying!! They are just great, Alhamdulillah!!! So funny, I also have this thing for 'black'... :D

muslimah said...

A funny story not too far off topic, I would always joke with my husband. like if you die. i am going to marry this shaykh (no names :P )even if he is old, thought he was about 60 bcuase of his voice (beautiful old voice may i add)
And then my husband looks the dude up on youtube and its a really SEXY man in he mid 30s

hahaha, my husband looked so pleased at me :D