August 20, 2009

Don't give me the eye people

My story sounds great right now and Alhamdulillah I am married to a man I want to be married to, but we still have problems like any other married couple. My life is not a fairy tale and this is one of the few bright spots in my life prior to 2006. I am not going to blog about every little fight I have with my husband but I also don't want you guys thinking I have no problems. So when you read the story of how I met my husband please keep me in your duas. That Allah swt increases the love between my husband and I ameen. that way inshaAllah you would get it too.

side note, I actually had a nasty fight with the hubster a couple of days ago and I was still upset at him when I was writing how we met. Remembering how I felt about him when I first met him was therapeutic. I don't need to hold on to me being angry. It made me think of what I wanted, feeling justified with my nafs? or having a fulfilling, happy marriage? It takes work but I'll take the fulfilling marriage. inshaAllah.

wa salaam


Queen said...

mashallah mashallah and mashallah again, repeat with me people mashallah, nazar or the eye can be given unknowingly so praise be to Allah and may Tuttie and hub forever be happy in their marriage, and may Allah increase their love for each other and their deen everyday.Ameen

Skye said...

salaamz sis masha'allah i love your posts,its so interesting to hear about another sisters life...U asked some questions on my blog so id thought id answer them for u here
ok so blogging is just a hobby i dont actually work in the nail business,i just love nail art and nails etc

i didnt go to school for nails or anything i think just alot of boredom lol

ummm i didnt get the backyard thing?

and i dont go to the salon ever,its a waste of money for me personally because i have so much nail polish...and i dont keep my nail polish on for to long because i always have to pray salaat so its hard...

i hope answered them all for u insha'allah
take care hun
wsalaamz =D

.::Tuttie::. said...

jazakaallah khayr. the backyard thing was about you living in oz and not the usa. hence my backyard and therefore I could get my nails done. I know selfish but let me dream, woman.

Skye said...

ohhhh hehehhe thats soo cuteee lol sorry sis i totally didnt get u b4 now i get u,ye i wish i lived in the u.s aswell so much more better things there.Who knows maybe one dai u might come oz ill deffinately do ur nailz =p

AlabasterMuslim said...

I know what you mean. I've gotten into a fight with my husband, called my friend to bitch about it, and in the end start saying how much i love him and end up not even being mad at him. (well, not TOO mad at him :D) Inshallah, may Allah (swt) keep you and your husband together, increase the love even more, lessen the difficulties between you both, and bless the two of you (and your baby) with Jennah! AMEEN!

Zee said...