August 5, 2009


my husband found my blog and is now psychoanalyzing everything I have said. So I will be taking a break for now and maybe start it up under a different name only available to my followers (Hubster if you are reading this, you are not invited). I had my blog for less than a month :(

Do your husband's read your blog(s)?


ZORRO said...

SubhanaAllah... NO he does NOT, LOL ;) it's private... that's the best I think!! I tried inviting you to follow mine, but I don't know if you ever got my invitation.. In any case, please send me one, I would love to keep reading from you!!! and if you like, please email me with your correct address so I can send you an invite as well!!! Wa Salaams!! :D

muslimah said...

My husband dont know how to use computers : D

Hijabee said...

Lol, mine does read mine from time to time but it doesn't really bother me since he does it once in a blue moon. He's not really the blog-reader type.

.::Tuttie::. said...

I forgot @ modesjustice if you do decide to go private please let me know.