July 13, 2009

Men Rant

So I am part of this group of social entrepreneurs trying to raise money through business for sadaqa. So one brother created a Muslim Game and apparently some Muslim dude from the UK found something incredible wrong with it. Mind you the brother had great points but all were ignored because of the following comments he made.

I know some American sisters might be a bit more free in regards to this issue of appearing on camera compared to Uk sisters, but this is too free. I cannot imagine any decent sister who knows the ruling on hijaab, who would want her face to be gazed at by thousands across the world in such as way. A'uzubillah, Fear Allah. What exactly were the motives for the sisters appearing on screen? Was it because they were going to be paid? Regardless of what the reason is, this is completely unacceptable.
NOW I am going on a rant...the comment of "American sister are more lax as opposed to UK sisters" bothered me. So your sisters are more pious then my sisters based on the land they live? Really? Really...no, I mean REALLY? Men should really talk more about themselves lowering their gaze, bettering themselves and stuff and stay the hell away from deciding which sister is more lax based on the continent they live in or what constitutes hijab or how women should dress, give birth and so on. We are capable of doing the research ourselves, Allah swt gave us free will and the issue is between each person and Allah swt.

I missed most of his points because that one point ticked me off and every akhi afterward just came off as condescending. His letter came off as insincere as he starts "Alhamdulillah it's great you are releasing a new Muslim game, as your last game looked so good, and I pray Allah put barakah in it." .....

The game itself I do not approve of as it is merely a way of passing time. When we think how in that very time, we could gather in circles of knowledge with our friends revising our course material, but instead we are trying to describe rude words to each other, it really seems as though it is not beneficial.
I can't seem to reconcile these two sentences. You either like it or your condemning it to hell (you can't be a little bit pregnant). I think there is a saying about PRACTICING the advice GIVEN. He must be a very pious brother mashaAllah.

"However, on seeing these new adverts, me and other Muslims in the Uk were shocked" no. I disagree. Unless the other shocked Muslims send in their disgruntled letters he is only speaking for himself or is he the amir of the UK Muslims? Why can't we have the balls to say, "Brother I hated your game and I was appalled you had sexy women in hijab promoting it." NO, instead we try to hide behind anonymity claiming that "others" feel just like us as if that makes your point valid.

What exactly were the motives for the sisters appearing on screen? That's between them and Allah and your behind is not included.

However there is one style you must have not been aware of which is for a sister to wear hijab and wear make up - when was that concealing her beauty?
This brother obviously doesn't know that make up ROBS a woman of her beauty. If she never puts it on then she looks good but the moment she puts on lipstick and makeup her natural color just fades away and makeup becomes her crack. Its horrible I tell you. Also I know sister who look way better when they are rocking a hijab. I wonder what he would say to that.

Rant off.

I may have over reacted but as a hispanic revert I get so much crap about how latinas are 'loose' so this is something that sends me over the deep end specially when its coming from self righteous brothers.


Naseem said...

omg i would've yelled his head off.

Anonymous said...

what a jerkface. and yes, makeup is my crack (:

RE4everlyrical said...

i think i look better in hijab.
but on the other hand, makeup is my crack.
so i look best in hijab with makeup.
sorry haram police...can't catch me.
can't beat me with your haram police baton or throw me in haram jail.

and yes, that guy is a jerk. men are useless...except blue eyed artsy types who can act, sing, and play percussion (:

...we digress. that guy is a jerk.