July 17, 2009

Marketing is so complicated

Marketing is so hard. Darn it. I thought it would be easy. Just let the world know of what you are doing and they will come. That is what Kevin Costner taught me in the movie field of dreams. He built it and they came. Why doesn't it work for me? Kevin you lied to me. I built it and they are still not here.

I mean can't they just be psychics and intuitively know that I need them to come to my site? Why? o why must it be so hard? I suck at asking for help. I was raised to believe that if you reach out for help then you are weak. So I do things myself. As a result I have gotten pretty darn good at a lot of things. I have also limited a lot of my projects. SUCKOMUNDO! I have been trying to be a web programmer and honestly I suck at it. However, I am very darn good at reverse engineering it or tweaking an existing program to fit my needs. That I am very good at.

I wrote to a friend of mine who has a lot of experience and he gave me a quick list of what NOT to do. All of which I had already done and was about to send it to sites, magazines and newspapers that fit with my topics perfectly. Alhamdulillah I wrote to him before I sent those emails out and I didn't mess up my chances.

So apparently asking them straight forward to please publish or mention you in their next edition you get this answer: buy ads from us and you will be in the next edition. Thats great. I mean I do understand that they have to earn money and there is really no reason why they should do anything for free, and I do get that. BUT if I write to them in a different manner and make it seem like I am doing them a favor by giving them a lead, they are all over the story. Why? You will still end up publishing me for free. What was the big deal about me asking you straight forward? Why must I manipulate you in to getting me published. Because that is the way I see it. Alhamduilllah my friend passed that information along to me before I made that fatal mistake.

You kinda get a one time shot at this. If you screw up any subsequent tries are even less succesful. So crapiola. Back to the drawing board.

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