July 28, 2009

It's Heelarious!

I may have totally missed the creators point but I do think these are ugly and send a horrible message. I believe the heal is soft so if the child stands it will just collapse. Some people have compared it to dressing up and its totally normal for a child to dress up in their parents clothes. But this is different. The child isn't dressing her self the parents are. WE are the ones putting this crap on them. To me it screams of JonBenét Ramsey.

I like my little kids to look like little kids. Although I am guilty of mommy and me days with my little man. We both wear gray baggy sweat pants with a white tee. Although come to think about it. we could both were a jilbab. Why haven't I thought about that before?

but Wait! there is more, if you are not a fan by now check out these sycophants

Heelarious News -

What the press is saying (directly from their site)

Heelarious“Little girls can get a jump start on their strut and be top-models-in-training before they leave the crib”
- Bobbi Thomas
The Today Show

omg. you hit the nail on the head. that is exactly what I want my daughter to be. A top model with an eating disorder, poor self-esteem and all before she leaves the crib. why thank you for letting me see the light.

Heelarious “Nichole Richie and Elisabeth Rohm are getting a kick out of their kids with Heelarious high-heels.”
- Bobbi Thomas
In Touch Magazine
Elizabeth who? wait... no, it's Elisabeth.

Heelarious “Wondering what to get the new parents Jamie Lynn Spears and fiancé Casey Aldridge.”
- Laura Lane E Online
yes, yes I was. Where do I send gifts to people who don't need 'em? Sign me up!

Heelarious "The shoes are hysterical. I'm surprised no one came up with the idea sooner.”
- Happy Customer Annette from New York
Well, here is a piece of misleading advertisement. The BBC? really? does Happy customer Annette from New York work for the BBC? How are the two connected? Oh. snap. the BBC mentioned them they must be credible shoes I must get one for my nonexistent daughter.

Heelarious “Christina Aguilera and Jennifer Lopez, are you listening?”
- Entertainment Tonight
How is that related to the shoes? and Aguilera doesn't even have a daughter.

Heelarious “They’re squishy! They’re to dress your baby up when they’re going to fancy events, so they can have their own high heels.”

- Diane Sawyer, ABC “Good Morning America”

yes, because what will the other babies say? when was the last time your baby hosted a black tie event? or when did you go to a fancy event and shook your head at the baby with socks on but no heels? I mean what was the mother thinking?

Heelarious “Next time a friend of mine gives birth to a girl, I'm visiting the hospital with a pair of these. Every new mother needs a good laugh after what she's just been through.”

- Lydia Kim, Pop Gadget

I see where she is going with that but I have no friends who would laugh at me bringing their daughter stuff they don't approve of. They probably swing at me for trying to corrupt their daughters.

Heelarious “The soft crib booties designed to look like high heels are selling like wildfire.”

- Melissa Jane Kronfeld New York Post

Where does one buy wildfire? California? or maybe Aussstralia.

Heelarious “When you see these you think of Kimora Lee Simmons, Beyonce (once she has kids) and Victoria Beckham.”

- Sherry Robinson tampabay.com

All my role models.

Heelarious "Move over Manolo and Jimmy Choo...baby girls can now get a jump start on the fashion world with their own high heels."

-Matt Lauer The Today Show

I can't believe a man said that with a straight face.

Would you buy these for your daughter?

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Hanan said...

Oh no - aren't they hideous!!?@!!! Why, why, why...

I find the whole beauty paegant (spelling?)thing soo creeppy too. Those little girls with makeup and BIG hair. UGH!

Funny post.