July 30, 2009

I Love America

Yes, you heard right. I was actually born in El Salvador in the mid 80's and came to America as a refugee in the early 90's. I understand that in Islam we shouldn't be nationalistic or take pride in countries that aren't following shariah properly. However, after reading some blogs bashing America I decided that I want to dedicate a post to America.

I love America despite all the Rush Limbaughs (I refuse to spell it correctly or to look it up), Bill O'Reillys, Fox News and all the racists and bigots that infiltrate the capital. I Love you America.

You showed me love when no other country would take us. You have been lead astray by morons but you still help your poor, maybe not the middle class but definitely the poor. If it wasn't for you I would still be in El Salvador facing the military and being raped every day. If it wasn't for you I would have never met beautiful Islam. I would have never met the love of my life el hubster. I know everything is by the qadr of Allah swt and Allah swt chose for it to happen to me in America. so there. It may have been by chance but it was still in America :)

If I were to lose everything I have (I don't sweat it as much because as a Muslim my sustenance is written) I have options in America. If El Hubster abandons me and my lilo one (May Allah swt save us from such trials ameen) I have options in America. I have access to welfare, section 8, food stamps and financial aid to go to college and better myself. If I were anywhere else I would be outside the masjids begging for help and being looked down upon. I would be exposed to the elements and to whoever wants to mess with me. At least in America I have options to help me get on my feet. The Department of Youth and Family Services (DYFS) or child protection services may not always get to save every child but at least they try. If you have a mental illness you may qualify for social security benefits. The system is not perfect by far it is not perfect but it does make a difference. DYFS made a difference in my life and the lives of other abused children I know.

When I was close to death in the hospital of near kidney failure and blocked toxins @ the age of 18-20 (if you guys read my previous post here you would know my father died from it) it was College professors and dorm mates that came to my rescue and saved my life. It cost $30,000+ and it was all paid for by strangers who didn't even know me. So I LOVE YOU America. When I was discriminated in class for wearing the niqab it was my fellow Americans who stood up for me. When I went to Honduras to teach with my Jesuit college it was my fellow Americans who stood up for me when some moron in Honduras wanted to strip search me "just to make sure." So Alhamdulillah for America. She may do stuff I do not agree with but I need to give thanks where thanks are due. I am grateful for all the kind people I have met who helped me when they didn't need to. I am grateful for being Muslim and being Muslim in America.

Actually this looks more like a Texan thing but I meant the US of A


muslimah said...

ma sha Allah sis, beautiful post.
May Allah keep you and your family on the straight path Allahumma Ameen.

Majda said...

Agreed 100%. I'd much rather live here than anywhere else.