July 15, 2009

I am 30Gs in the hole...crapiola

my Uni ripped me off. Yes. Yes, they did. A lot of financial aid counselors are suddenly 'retiring' because there is an investigation about potential misconduct in the financial aid office.

APPARENTLY...these counselors were getting commission whenever they redirected students to get loans. You see. I qualified for a lot of academic scholarships and they had been allotted to me. However, my counselor would tell me that I didn't have enough financial aid and needed to take out a loan. So for 2 years I ended with at $30,000 tab.

My junior year I decided. The hell with this. I will apply for a loan AFTER my financial aid package from my uni has been prepared. Guess what happened? Not only did I NOT need a loan I had too much money left over.

Had my circumstances changed? well kinda. Besides reverting to Islam nothing else had changed. I was still earning a measly $5.50 an hour, still single, still eating bread with peanut butter (and rationing them). So CRAPIOLA! you jerk bag. I am 23 years old trying to pay off a debt that I never needed. I hope you enjoyed your measly commission as I am swimming in debt. Douche bag.


Majda said...

What University did you go to?

Do tell so I can avoid it at all costs. I'm about to head off to college and this is pretty much my worse nightmare.

Naseem said...

my university screwed me over too :D

Jeffrey said...

It is somebody else's fault that you weren't thinking?

.::Tuttie::. said...

@ helene I get what you are saying, however, in this case, its somebody else's fault. I was lied to and so where many more students. They lied about my scholarships. My fafsa was edited without me even knowing how to access it. So yes I blame them. Especially now that my financial aid counselor and others have been charged with fraud and tampering with financial documents and the charges continue to be investigated as some were financial aid counselor for 20+ years.

Candice said...

Aw man, what crooks!!