July 15, 2009

guess what today is?

I fell off my seat laughing so hard. Man day, you can read more about it here. Do you know what else supposedly is today? Sneak a Kiss Day. yes. very manly. I think the two brothes who have organized this should have done a little more research before slapping the man tag to it.

I have been reading men blogs today and this is my favorite response thus far.
As fellow Y-chromosomers, we'd love to play along. But, sadly, we find ourselves in an office, where most of Man Day's suggested activities --- such as hunting, blowing things up, playing football and watching all the Rambo movies -- are simply not feasible, lest we want to become unemployed men.

So instead, we will be celebrating Man Day by attempting to execute complicated technical tasks without following the instructions and by doing a lot of (muffled) burping.
yes. very manly and may I ask, HOW is that different than any other day?

SubhanaAllah and then to make my day I go to Anges blog and I find this and it flowed so well with my post I had to have it

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