July 20, 2009

DUDE I just turned 24 and got tagged

I avoided the first tag by Ange because it wasn't specific to me but I couldn't ignore VeiledSunset♥ as she called me out by name. darn it woman. Oh and the hubster gave me the look when I told him I was tagged. He asked that I not reveal too much of myself. HOWEVER, dude I have a blog...what did you think I was going to do with it? sit on it?
so here goes

10 things about me

  1. I survived a civil war  (that is not me nor do I know who this child is)
  2. I survived childhood leukemia like I said before...total badass.
  3. I am survivor of various child abuses ...inshaAllah I will post about them...
  4. I love Pinky and the Brain...NARF! (I am The Brain of course and my goal is to take over the world... hence the name of the blog) Hubster is Pinky...
  5. I love broccoli, tomatoes, avocados and anything Hispano
  6. I met and married my husband within 5 days of knowing each other. After I proposed to him..
  7. Gave birth at home to a baby boy with the help of two totally awesome midwives...mainly because hospitals scare the crap out of me. I am terrified of them...horror stories soon to come inshaAllah.
  8. I cut the umbilical cord hubby was freaked out about it. We look just like that minus the mustache, add a beard, remove that hair thingy on the dude and thats hubster. Also minus the extra kid....we only have one that I know off. Allahu Aalem.
  9. I managed an apparel factory of 10 workers from the age of 11 onwards by myself without any incidents while mama visited Puerto Rico on biz or left for any other reason. I tried explaining child labor laws to my mama and she said "sure no problem, but I will charge you for rent, utilities, clothes, food etc. etc." In the end I would have ended owing her money.
  10. I am a revert! Obviously that automatically qualifies me as awesome.
I tag...MINTY and Gabby Hijabi!


Ange said...

"I met and married my husband within 5 days of knowing each other. After I proposed to him.."

i know what thats like

Majda said...

Why the hell haven't I discovered this blog sooner? You're the light of my life, habibti.

*offers you a rose of love and friendship*

Naseem said...

you look so coy in your picture.

.::Tuttie::. said...

@ Majda
*accepts rose of love and friendship and has nothing to give in return cuz I am selfish*

Don't I? I was going for bad ass chick a little unhinged look.

RE4everlyrical said...

how do you marry someone within 5 days of knowing each other? it's a miracle that you're happily married alhamdulilah!

Rubber said...

El Hubster abandons me and my lilo one (May Allah swt save us from such trials ameen)

may you never never never go thru this!!!NOO!! never!